SuperQuickShare is a webapp based on webtorrent. It currently only supports image sharing. It is designed to do a job similar to bluetooth in that the aim is to transfer files between devices quickly and with as little fuss as possible. Use cases include when you need to quickly send a photo from your phone to a PC, or on the go sending group photos to multiple people without having to find them on social media or exchange email addresses. It can theoretically also be used to host your holiday snaps long term in a gallery you control. An example gallery can be found here.

To recieve files via qcode reader, click here.
To send files, click or drop them here. You can send as many as you want. When you're ready, click "Sharing Options" at the bottom of the page.
Sharing Options
Scan the QR code, copy the url in the address bar, or click the share button in your browser to share your files.

Warning: closing or refreshing this page will stop seeding the images you've shared, please wait until whoever you have sent them to has finished downloading them.

For a more persistant gallery, I'd recommend installing a webtorrent compatible desktop client such as Webtorrent Desktop or Vuze and downloading the files from this magnet link until 100% before closing this window.